Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World's best and mind blowing Love story ----

Hello Guysssssssssss

I am back.. This time i have got lot of good news to give you .. Guess What ??? I got my guy .. my prince charming.. There is so much of love around in my life and lot of things that I can't find words to express it.

I will tell you our small and nice story that has started month ago.. One girl who made up mind to rule her life with lot of attitude and give a damn to whole world who keep taunting her being single..

She was very happy and stopped waiting for her prince charming.. Her life was about lot of activities that she likes to do .. dance, music, tennis, exercises and yes off course work.. She was too much in to her world.. and she was enjoying every bit of it..

One fine day.. she came across a guy whom she met almost year back. Both of them started interacting with each other over sms... after two days guy expressed that he wanted to meet her.. girl said ok lets meet up.. They met 22nd May and within few minuts guy expressed to her that he wants to marry her.. That girl went silent for while, Dint know what to say and react.. She was very happy because even she liked that guy... She was very shy at the same time she was very happy ... and that day changed her life completely .... That was liking for each other who convinced them to spend life together ... A very strong liking...

They are now in love .. madly crazily in love with each other...

Trust me guysss life is full of surprises .. you never know how and when will you get surprised ..

This girl is no one els its meee :) .. who got biggest mind blowing surprise of her life...

So you better be ready for surprises in your life.. Wish you all very luck...

And guess what i am going to get married to the same guy this year in November :) :)

Lots of love...

muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dream unlimited !!

Dreaming is something that one can never control. I believe that dream, reality and destinations these three things make our lives perfect. I don't know how my life looks like at the age of 24. It seems was yesterday I entered in my 10th and dreamed of scoring top in state board exam. Scoring top was my first dream, I was not even top in my class was the reality and 62% was my destinations. With that achievement my life was not perfect at that time. But now when I look back and cherries that time and achievements that I had, life seems simple & perfect in many ways.

Let me take you to back in times when I was struggling to get a part time job. It wasn't that easy for me to get a part time job. For an average looking girl, who din even knows C of computers. First hurdle I faced that without basic knowledge of Computer its not possible to get a job. So I decided to learn computer basic at NIIT. During my computer course I learned about the opportunity, NIIT required female counselor. I decided to give an interview for post of counselor. After studying in vernacular language Gujarati second hurdle I faced to get a job was E of "English" also needed. That big day came when I had to appear for an interview. Branch head of NIIT was going to conduct my interview. I was all set to give first shot of my life. I was very nervous and scared. I almost tried to pleased all god and goddess with mannat and fast to pass this interview(forgot how to pleased that branch head). I entered in his cabin, was actually shivering. While shaking hand with head, I wished him good evening in the morning (blonder was, I din even realized that time). That encounter started,the first question asked by Branch head... "What are your STRENGHTS?" I asked him to repeat his questions because I din know much of English that time, out of nervousness I forgot even Basic English that I knew. I asked him, " Sir aap muje hindi mei batayege Strength ka meaning kya hai??". He was very polite to tell me the meaning. I found my self fool in front of him. I realized the how important to know English. thodi dere ke liye laga.. dharti fate kyu nahi jaati .. mei usme sama jaue. Some how, I finished that interview, and I started waiting for call from the Branch head. He will call me and tell me the result of such bad interview (See the guts, after giving such interview I even expect to get positive reply. Height of being fool I have crossed it that day). My class timing was 9 to 10 but used to wait for that Branch head every day till 12, that he would come and tell me the result of my interview. 1 week pass. I used to ask that girl who referred me that vacancy. (I was behaving like Ishwar movie Anil kapoor). mera kuch hua.. kya bola.. One fine day that branch head got tried of me, and called me in his cabin. He said "Girl, you are not getting this job because your English is weak and you still need to learn lot of things". We need experienced people. My hope for getting that job ended. I learned following lessons..

1. Language is not important but how I controlled my enthusiasm and behavior. (I made my self fool...)
2. When we have been informed during interview that will let you know .. means you are rejected..
3. If they doesn't like you face, they will ask you question... that how will you manage with your studies?? (Like they have to give our exam)
4. They need experience people, meaning you are not getting that job.. say good bye and start looking for other..

My innocence had made me fool in front of world. After that failure I din stop, I gave many interviews but din succeed to get one job. My Constant efforts to get a job was not getting an end. I had done Phd in giving interviews and learned many techniques to get fail in giving interviews, but at the same time learned to conduct myself and get hold on my over enthusiasm. One fine day one of my friend's sister told me there was one vacancy near to my place for a receptionist. I went to gave an interview succeed to get one job. I couldn't describe the feeling of getting my first job after 1 and half year efforts. It was like I won Ms World title. I was on top of the world that day.

This was the first achievement that I wanted to shared with you.

Today being in communication industry working as PR person handling bunch of clients.. When i look back and cherish that 1st experience, i cannt stop laughing at my self...

That first failure gave me the right way....

Friday, November 21, 2008

How to win the 'slowdown' battle:

The past few months, the words 'Major slowdown in the World economy' are constantly hitting out at me. Especially since hundreds are losing their jobs due to the economy. That's when I started worrying -- what if I become a victim too and lose my job? But whether one loses their job or not, this situation is going to directly or indirectly affect our life.
Some news items on the slowdown…
Factories Shut, China Workers Are Suffering
CHANG'AN, China — Wang Denggui, father of three, arrived more than a year ago in the palm-lined streets of this southern town with a single goal: toil in a factory to save for his children's school tuition.
But the plans of Mr. Wang and thousands of co-workers unraveled at noon on Nov. 1, when the Taiwanese chairman of their ailing shoe factory climbed over a factory wall to flee the country and his debts. That left several American shoe companies with unfilled orders and 2,000 workers without jobs.
Back here in India, Jet Airways lays off 1,000 employees. When the situation became disruptive, they took back them back and a ridiculous reason given by chairman that it was "a management decision and I was not aware of it" Do you believe this? I mean head of the company saying this. However, this had jolted the airline cabin crew that their jobs could be under fire. Right now, the management is keeping quiet and thinking of a process on how to cut down their employees, without creating any ruckus.

Tell me, was it fair deal ?

Everybody, from economists to ministers and writers are discussing this whole issue of slowdown in the world economy and trying to find a solution for the same. While they seem worried, how many actually think of solving it.. Trust me very few…
Every leader in India is trying to show that we can manage and survive the slow down in the economy. And the reason to show that everything is fine is the soon-to-be state elections.
This is what our FM Palaniappan Chidambaram has to say : India's economy is expected to grow about 6.8% during financial year 2008 and as low as 5.5% in financial year 2009. India's economy grew at an annual rate of 9% or more in the past three years, second only to China among the major economies, and the projections for financial year 2008 indicate that India's economic growth has been effected by the economic crisis. The Indian government's Finance Minister, however, said that he expected India's economy to bounce back to 9% during Financial year 2009.This prediction has been met with skepticism by observers.
This are technical terms for most -- because the common man does not get time to think of the National Income as he is busy thinking how will he manage his house within his monthly income.
While our respective leaders and businessmen are trying to find a solution by cutting down prices and are fighting their way out the old fashioned way -- selling scrap, renting instead of buying premises, and leaning harder on debtors.
I have suggested a simple 3 point-solution :
· Government should encourage small scale business (Laghu Udhog) and provide raw material to the manufacturing companies. This will create employment for the rural population. With technology, we have been seeing more machines and less of workers, this small scale business may not give that finishing to product but it will give quantity of work to unemployed. Now is the time where we have to look for quantity of work we can give to people than quality of product. India was the country known for its small scale business in the past. Today is the time to set the benchmark during this crisis.
· Live a simple life like what Mahatma Gandhi endorsed… no need to turn to a dhoti, but fulfill your basic requirement and spend less money on self. We don't have to go anywhere to find the solution – the Father of the Nation -- had given us this solution long back.
· This one is for all the political leaders and ministers -- they have to monitor and implement rather than thinking of pleasing vote banks and generating extra income for themselves.

please drop your view and correct me if i am wrong any where :)