Friday, November 21, 2008

How to win the 'slowdown' battle:

The past few months, the words 'Major slowdown in the World economy' are constantly hitting out at me. Especially since hundreds are losing their jobs due to the economy. That's when I started worrying -- what if I become a victim too and lose my job? But whether one loses their job or not, this situation is going to directly or indirectly affect our life.
Some news items on the slowdown…
Factories Shut, China Workers Are Suffering
CHANG'AN, China — Wang Denggui, father of three, arrived more than a year ago in the palm-lined streets of this southern town with a single goal: toil in a factory to save for his children's school tuition.
But the plans of Mr. Wang and thousands of co-workers unraveled at noon on Nov. 1, when the Taiwanese chairman of their ailing shoe factory climbed over a factory wall to flee the country and his debts. That left several American shoe companies with unfilled orders and 2,000 workers without jobs.
Back here in India, Jet Airways lays off 1,000 employees. When the situation became disruptive, they took back them back and a ridiculous reason given by chairman that it was "a management decision and I was not aware of it" Do you believe this? I mean head of the company saying this. However, this had jolted the airline cabin crew that their jobs could be under fire. Right now, the management is keeping quiet and thinking of a process on how to cut down their employees, without creating any ruckus.

Tell me, was it fair deal ?

Everybody, from economists to ministers and writers are discussing this whole issue of slowdown in the world economy and trying to find a solution for the same. While they seem worried, how many actually think of solving it.. Trust me very few…
Every leader in India is trying to show that we can manage and survive the slow down in the economy. And the reason to show that everything is fine is the soon-to-be state elections.
This is what our FM Palaniappan Chidambaram has to say : India's economy is expected to grow about 6.8% during financial year 2008 and as low as 5.5% in financial year 2009. India's economy grew at an annual rate of 9% or more in the past three years, second only to China among the major economies, and the projections for financial year 2008 indicate that India's economic growth has been effected by the economic crisis. The Indian government's Finance Minister, however, said that he expected India's economy to bounce back to 9% during Financial year 2009.This prediction has been met with skepticism by observers.
This are technical terms for most -- because the common man does not get time to think of the National Income as he is busy thinking how will he manage his house within his monthly income.
While our respective leaders and businessmen are trying to find a solution by cutting down prices and are fighting their way out the old fashioned way -- selling scrap, renting instead of buying premises, and leaning harder on debtors.
I have suggested a simple 3 point-solution :
· Government should encourage small scale business (Laghu Udhog) and provide raw material to the manufacturing companies. This will create employment for the rural population. With technology, we have been seeing more machines and less of workers, this small scale business may not give that finishing to product but it will give quantity of work to unemployed. Now is the time where we have to look for quantity of work we can give to people than quality of product. India was the country known for its small scale business in the past. Today is the time to set the benchmark during this crisis.
· Live a simple life like what Mahatma Gandhi endorsed… no need to turn to a dhoti, but fulfill your basic requirement and spend less money on self. We don't have to go anywhere to find the solution – the Father of the Nation -- had given us this solution long back.
· This one is for all the political leaders and ministers -- they have to monitor and implement rather than thinking of pleasing vote banks and generating extra income for themselves.

please drop your view and correct me if i am wrong any where :)


deartush said...

It is so simple to be happy, but it is so difficult to be simple... goes a saying ! It is true that we have forgotten some Gandhian values and are indulging in materialistic joys. Your view is correct and I am the first one to implement it ! :)


Bhavisha Joshi said...

hey thanks,

let me know how impactful the solution after implementing